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About Us

Springboard Schools’ early childhood programs in Arlington, Chelmsford, Sudbury and Westford, Mass. are inspired by 50+ professional, nurturing and creative teachers.  That’s right – our teachers inspire us.  Everyday, our teachers tap into their creativity to enliven, enrich and nurture the community of young learners that join us from as early as infancy through their pre-kindergarten and kindergarten years.

This formative timeframe in every child’s life is uniquely shaped and transformed through each interaction.  We give our teacher’s tools and resources that promote growth and learning at each stage of development and align with state and district frameworks and curriculum as they prepare children for elementary school.

In operation since 1987, our family of four Springboard Schools is tailor fit to the community in which they reside.  As a result, each program has a unique design, feel and environment, and takes into consideration the socio-economic aspects of the community at large.  All of our programs are licensed for 100 children or fewer, allowing the program director and teachers the ability to truly know each family’s unique needs and customize our program, curriculum and care accordingly.

The family of Springboard Schools includes:

  • Learn to Grow, Arlington
  • Springboard School – Chelmsford, Chelmsford,
  • Sudbury Children’s Learning Center, Sudbury
  • Westford Children’s Learning Center, Westford