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Curriculum Overview

Our community of young learners is primed for a life-long learning adventure through our rich and vibrant curriculum that captures the wonder of exploration and the fun of play into meaningful, daily activities.  Each child holds the promise of the future through their individual desires that may lead them to be an artist, writer, musician, engineer or scientist.  The sky is the limit.  But, only with a solid beginning will they have the opportunity to reach their potential.  Our teachers specialize in providing this solid start from the moment a child enters our program by teaching essential readiness skills at each development stage.

We utilize the Get Set for School™ curriculum from Handwriting Without Tears that encompass three core learning areas: language and literacy; numbers and math; and readiness and writing.  Recognizing the immediate need in the United States to advance early knowledge in the science, technology, math and engineering (STEM) sectors, we’ve added a STEM component to our curriculum.

The skills children learn at Springboard Schools will stay with them as they enter public school programs or our private, full-day kindergarten program in Westford, MA, which offers a low teacher to child ratio.


Language and Literacy

Children learn new words and how to apply them to daily interactions at a staggering pace.  Evidence shows that the level of exposure to new words has a direct impact on the size of a child’s vocabulary and their later academic success.

Language and literacy activities are central to our environments from infancy through pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.  Our teachers engage children early on with lively read-alouds and deepen children’s thinking by asking questions that spark a conversation or tie directly to children’s lives.

Starting in preschool, our child-friendly approach boosts language and literacy skills and grows with children as they advance their learning.  Children learn the fundamentals of phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, concepts about print, comprehension, oral language, writing and more.  These skills are taught through songs and finger plays during whole group sessions and during small group teaching tables where teaching is individualized to each child’s specific learning needs.


Numbers and Math

Children are natural mathematicians.  Early on, they recognize simple patterns around them, delight in counting and sorting objects, and test out ideas to see what will work.

The Numbers and Math program helps children build number sense right from the start.  Using manipulatives, music and rhymes, children learn counting, comparisons, spatial awareness, patterning, sequencing, matching, sorting, problem solving and even geometry.

These skills are taught through songs and finger plays during whole group sessions and during small group teaching tables where teaching is individualized to each child’s specific learning needs.


Readiness and Writing

Formal handwriting instruction generally starts during a child’s early elementary years.  However, Handwriting Without Tears became aware that preschools across the nation were teaching handwriting and needed developmentally appropriate methods to prepare children for their next phase of learning.

The Readiness and Writing program is an informal way of building a foundation of readiness in children that starts in our preschool classrooms with a wide range of developmentally appropriate, multisensory materials.  Children build letters with wood pieces, learn how to hold crayons, write capitals and numbers and sign and dance along to engaging songs that further their handwriting knowledge and bridges to social-emotional and self-awareness domains.

Springboard Schools believes that consistency is key when teaching letter formation.  Handwriting Without Tears is widely used in many Massachusetts public school districts and by occupational therapists providing a consistent and recognizable framework for learning and success.  Our preschool, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classrooms are stocked with these materials and our teachers weave the readiness and writing curriculum into whole group activities and small group learning activities for maximum success.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Just about every time we turn on the news, there is a story about America’s struggle to remain competitive in the global marketplace and the role that education must play.  We regularly hear how our students are falling behind in the areas of math, science and engineering.  In the field of education, there is a lot of discussion about adding STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) into the curriculum, as early as the preschool years.

At Springboard, we believe that children are primed to explore these curriculum areas and develop the foundation for critical thinking skills that will benefit them in the future.  We feel that it is essential that these topics be presented in a manner that is explorative, play-based and developmentally appropriate.

Our programs incorporate STEM into the daily curriculum.  Teachers reinforce the concepts through daily math and science activities such as counting and making patterns, planning and designing structures in the block area or planting seeds and observing their growth.  We’ve taken these daily interactions even further with the addition of iPad technology in the classrooms giving teachers the ability to enhance learning with targeted applications, stream video clips, engage children in interactive ebooks, and more.   Our block areas include discovery ramp sets to encourage advanced building and exploration of early engineering concepts.  And our modular science centers extend learning about the physical sciences with a magnifier, plant and grow unit, touch and see unit and a habitat unit.


Enrichment Partners

Local enrichment partners bring their learning specialty directly into our schools to deepen our daily offerings.  We believe in finding enrichment partners that reflect the needs of each community.  As a result, enrichment partners will differ from program to program.  Check with your program director for more details on the enrichment offerings at your community school.

Our enrichment partners include:

  • Jazzercise Fitness Center of Chelmsford
  • Spotlight Dance
  • Cheryl Melody Music Productions
  • The Dance Place
  • Diamond Gymnastics
  • Kiddie Soccer
  • Music Together of Belmont
  • Swim and Gym At Suburban Child, Framingham, MA


Summer at Springboard Schools

Summer is a fun and exciting time at each Springboard School.  Our program directors and teachers put together customized summer programs that are filled with family events, special visitors and field trips for older children.  We also offer daily water play on our playgrounds and involve children in thematic learning experiences that capture all that summer offers.   Below is a sampling of activities from our schools.  See your program director for more details on offerings at your school this summer.

Special Visitors/Events:

  • The New England Aquarium
  • Top Secret Science
  • Terry Golson, author of “Tillie Lays an Egg”
  • Bouncy house and misting tent
  • Curious Creatures
  • Magician John Henry
  • Children’s Dental Associates

Field Trips:

  • Story time at the Chelmsford Public Library and Fox Library, Arlington, MA
  • Walking field trip to Friendly’s Ice Cream, Chelmsford, MA
  • Walking field trips to Spy Pond, Thompson Sprinkler Park, Dearborn Playground and Arlington Fire Station, Arlington, MA
  • Swimming lessons at One Stop Fun, Westford, MA
  • The Discovery Museum, Acton, MA
  • Great Brook Farm, Carlisle, MA
  • The Butterfly Place, Westford, MA

Family Events:

  • End of summer family BBQ with clowns, music, good food and community
  • Center-wide breakfasts
  • Monthly themed parent participation activities