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6 weeks – 15 months

This is where it all begins!  Years of research and observation have demonstrated that babies have well-defined sensory abilities.  Seeing, touching, hearing, sucking and feeling are all senses that an infant uses to learn not only about herself, but also about the world around her.  From that first sound, that first cry, your baby has begun absorbing information, exploring her surroundings and building trust.

Establishing trust is an essential element to a child’s sense of well-being.  Every diaper you change, every comfort-cuddle you give, and every feeding you provide are all elements that foster trust in your infant.  She learns through these daily, routine experiences that her needs will be met, that someone will comfort her, feed her and keep her safe and warm.  Just as importantly, she learns to feel good about herself and the world around her.

We continue to build on the trust that you and your baby have established by providing a warm, loving, infant-only environment.  It is here that our teachers/nurturers respond to your baby with genuine love, affection, and constant attention to developmental needs.

In addition to building trust, our infant program incorporates developmentally appropriate activities that are designed to help your child reach key milestones.  While in our care, your child will be exposed to different stimuli and learning activities that encourage intellectual and physical development.