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2.9 years – 4 years

All the skills learned during the toddler years comes together during the preschool years. With her increased ability to articulate her wants and needs, her better understanding of socially acceptable behavior, and her continuing discovery of how to make her body work for her, your preschooler’s confidence grows by leaps and bounds. She is now capable of gauging responses to her actions, experiencing pride in herself and her family, demonstrating more self-control, and engaging in cooperative, group play. But, her work is not done! At this age, your preschooler’s brain is still in an active stage, but a fine-tuning process begins.

By about the age of three, there are many more brain cell connections that have been made than will be needed. Your child’s experiences will determine which connections will become stronger, for the connections that are used the most are the connections that are strengthened. You may notice that your preschooler has become a non-stop talking machine. And, her physical activity may seem to dramatically increase – climbing, running, jumping, hopping. Yet, all this movement and all this talk is reinforcing your child’s brain cell growth and promoting development of neuron connections.

Our preschool curriculum promotes all areas of growth by providing each child an opportunity to learn by doing. We present a well-balanced program that allows for working and learning individually, in a small group, and as part of a whole group. Each of the activities incorporates letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. Throughout their day in preschool, your child will experience a wide range of activities that include any combination of cognitive skill development, fine and gross motor development, language and intellectual development and social (character) development.

For more information about the specific curriculum we use, see the curriculum section.