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Private Kindergarten

5 years (must meet the public school cut-off criteria)

Springboard School Kindergarten offers an experience that public schools can’t match, including:
◾Small class-size;
◾Full-day schedule (9 am – 3 pm) that more than doubles the daily learning time from 2.5 hours in public schools to 6 hours at Springboard School Kindergarten; and
◾Individualized approach to learning.

Our kindergarten classrooms have no more than 13 children in each class. This low teacher-to-child ratio ensures that your child receives individualized attention each day.

The Springboard School Kindergarten provides a coherent, cumulative and content-specific curriculum that follows the Core Knowledge® sequence, and recognizes that what children are able to learn, depends on what they already know as a result of previous experience and teaching. With the Core Knowledge framework in place, our teachers use a balanced literacy approach based on Fountas & Pinnell’s work to language arts instruction, the Everyday Math curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears for handwriting.

We take an inquiry-based approach to science, embedding the learning through weekly theme-based explorations that build on children’s interests. An in-depth study of spiders kicks-off our science inquiry for the year. Children learn more about common spiders and go on spider hunts to populate a class vivarium that is used for further observation of a spider’s life. A class favorite is our chicken-hatching program. Each spring, the children learn first hand about the early lifecyle of chickens and witness the chicks hatching in the classroom. Once the chickens have hatched, the children participate in the care of the young chicks until they are ready to move to their next home.

Our kindergarten teachers are state-certified by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and hold education degrees from top colleges and universities. Each teacher specializes in early childhood learning and development as a result of their teaching experience and education.

Children graduate ready for the rigors of first grade in a public or private setting.

Springboard School Kindergarten is currently offered at our Westford location only.